Welcome to Skyrah Interiors

  • Comfort Interior

    At Skyrah Interiors we help you Build Spaces that make you smile and create fantasy. Our Interior designers are conceived, designed and executed from the basic belief that your interiors should bear your signature

  • Style and Budget

    Skyrah Interiors is one stop solution for all your interior works. Most of the reputed/branded quality wood materials and hardware are directly available with best price in the Market

  • Creative Ideas

    Each project starts with a CONCEPT and each concept is created from a very personal connection with our clients. Our first priority is to take the time to understand the individual needs of each client and apply them throughout the interior design creative process. The end result is a COLLABORATION of every SKYRAH team member coming together to CREATE an authentic style and home identity for our clients to cherish for a lifetime.

  • Indigenous Quality

    Sliding wardrobes, modular furniture, modular kitchens, interior decor and wall units are crafted at our works.

Our Best Features


Design is our passion! Our team of creative interior designers work with you to realize the home of your dreams. We work with different styles - Classical, Fusion, Modern, Industrial - to deliver a home you can be proud of.


Imagine you home before you even step in! We create stunning interior concepts in 3D, using advanced technologies to give you a realist feel of what your completed home would look like.


We take quality seriously, so seriously that we only use the finest materials and finishes in all our interior projects directly from the reputed companies thru the dealership. The name Skyrah stands for Quality & Perfection.


We build and execute home interiors to perfection. From glamorous kitchens, stunning wardrobes to luxurious sofas. Our team of craftsmen and supervisors transform dreams into reality. Both Factory and Carpenter Finishing will be provided based on your choice


Our talented team of Project Managers and Site Supervisors ensure that your Home Interiors are a hassle free and pleasant experience.


We hold ourselves to such high standards that we provide an Industry leading 5 year warranty on all interiors undertaken by us.


  • Wonderfull job by Skyrah Interiors, We will recommend Skyrah Interiors

  • Skyrah Interiors Team good creative team


What we do

Factory Finish & Carpentery Finish & Whole sale prices for Ply and Interior Hardware

Skyrah Interiors is one stop solution for the interior material i.e., ply / hardware,... Except Skyrah Interiors, There was no Middle man is there b/n product owner and customer. I.e., reason you will get best prices in the market including customer expected Material

  • Factory Finishing
  • Manual Carpenter Finishing
  • Whole sale prices for ply & Interior Hardware
  • Job Works for your tasks